Do Not Become Weary

At the time this pic was taken I had been in missions for 13 years.…  [Continue Reading]

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Hand in Hand

Every day after VBS the kids would walk beside you, holding your hand and stealing…  [Continue Reading]

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No Words Needed

A little orphaned girl was playing with some children at the preschool we were working…  [Continue Reading]

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2012 4th place winner

His Hands His Feet

These orphaned children in the village of Kazo affirmed the calling God has for my…  [Continue Reading]

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Clean Water

The kids are loving the water in the picture but just before the picture they…  [Continue Reading]

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This picture of my Global Expeditions Peru Mission trip team member Allegria, loving on the…  [Continue Reading]

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Sight Restored!

He was blind in one eye. The team and I laid hands on him and…  [Continue Reading]

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Building Friendship

Alexa was in Mexico building Milagros a home. In addition to the home a new…  [Continue Reading]

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Sweet Baby

This sweet little baby was so quiet and cute at our business training at Canaan…  [Continue Reading]

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Little Beauty

This beautiful little girl from an orphanage we visited, who although in a difficult situation,…  [Continue Reading]

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Heartfelt Prayers

While working at the orphanage in Bulgaria we take every opportunity to pray that God…  [Continue Reading]

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Caring for the Ill

We visited an orphanage after the earthquake and I found this little girl who was…  [Continue Reading]

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Close Up

This little girls name was Leetzi. She was part of the family we were buliding…  [Continue Reading]

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Funny Face!

In a slum of Gulu, Uganda, we spent the day loving these sweet kiddos. We…  [Continue Reading]

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Portraying the Gospel

Our team during the crucifixion portion of the Journey Man Drama. (I play Jesus) Location:…  [Continue Reading]

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Samuel spends his days in the Lutheran Day orphanage and nights with families in the…  [Continue Reading]

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Friends without Words

Sasha was one of my dearest friends at camp. She didn’t speak English and I…  [Continue Reading]

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Precious Girl

Her name is Wairemu. She will forever have my heart. Location: Gathiga Children’s Hope Home,…  [Continue Reading]

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Happy Eyes

Our team traveled to Guinea, West Africa to perform eyeglass clinics. This woman and child…  [Continue Reading]

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Witness to a Family

I was in Africa visiting a child I sponsor with Compassion International. While there we…  [Continue Reading]

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Windows to the Soul

The eyes truly are the windows to the soul…housing a universal language no matter what…  [Continue Reading]

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Living in extreme poverty in a garbage dumpare beautiful children who I got the opportunity…  [Continue Reading]

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Boy intrigued with balloon is taken at a Child Survival Program that helps save lives…  [Continue Reading]

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Beauty Unfading

Even while we walk the streets of Bulgaria to prayer walk we search for God…  [Continue Reading]

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Inner Beauty

Teaching on inner beauty in Tanzania and beyond. We as women are truly beautiful inside…  [Continue Reading]

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Nairobi Children

The picture I submitted was of a group of African children I was ministering to…  [Continue Reading]

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Gospel in Spain

At the streets of Ibiza, where we did evangelism in a place where thousands went…  [Continue Reading]

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Generation to Generation

“From generation to generation” – after I had spoken at this pastors’ conference I saw…  [Continue Reading]

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What a joy it was to be in the pool together-Sandra took this on my camera

Swim Lessons

I was teaching my Compassion child how to swim, but then carried her on my…  [Continue Reading]

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Indian Siblings

This brother and sister are Quichua Indians who came by themselves to a medical clinic…  [Continue Reading]

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God’s Riches

Through people who seemingly had nothing, I came to understand the value of God’s fullness…  [Continue Reading]

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Water Color

A boy in Emarti, washing his hands from a water well that Mission of Mercy…  [Continue Reading]

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Zambian Garden

The Zambian women gathered around us and continued to sing gospel hymns accapella after church.…  [Continue Reading]

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Love like a Child

This little guy followed me everywhere & desperatly just wanted love. The love of Christ…  [Continue Reading]

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Ageless Smile

She was beaten by her kids and kicked to the street. She has a home…  [Continue Reading]

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Bible Stories in Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong for eight weeks, putting on Gospel English camps at Lutheran…  [Continue Reading]

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Always Loving

This is one of my friends. He had just had a full day of hut…  [Continue Reading]

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Girl Eating

Walking through the squatter camps in South Africa you can’t help but notice extreme poverty,…  [Continue Reading]

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A little boy came into our medical clinic having difficulty breathing. We had some inhalers…  [Continue Reading]

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Hope for Women

These beautiful women are the picture of the people we were able to minister to…  [Continue Reading]

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