Joyous Jewels from Jesus

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joyous jewels from jesus
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Stepping into the Amos 5:24 orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico, it was evident that the love of Jesus was there.  The precious family that runs this orphanage takes in children who most would consider some of the "least of these."  Many of the children have special needs, children that no one wants to adopt.  Now these children know the love of Jesus, and it shows by the joy on their faces!  Betty (front left) has to wear a brace to walk, but that doesn't hinder her enthusiasm and determination to use her legs as best she can!  And little Juanita (far right), God's going to use that adorable lil' energy ball in a mighty way!  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have a part in the lives of some of Jesus' precious jewels!    

Location: Chiapas, Mexico
Name: Hannah E.

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  1. Betty Barnett says:

    I know Hannah had a very productive time with the team in Mexico. She and Sarah wrote us of their daily happenings and we could sense the urgency of their ministry – especially to those precious orphans in the picture.I know they would contribute a lot next time also.

  2. Hannah E says:

    Thank you Mrs. Barnett! I appreciate your heart and love for spreading the Gospel! Thank you for being my mission trip prayer warrior, and thank you for voting for me!!

  3. Hannah E says:

    A huge THANK YOU to each of you who voted!!! I am blessed by your love for spreading the Gospel around the world!

    I am prayerfully considering a medical mission trip to the Philippines next year. Hopefully my sister Sarah and I can both go! Your votes will potentially help send us!!
    Vote for Sarah’s photo here:

  4. inHisimage says:

    Hannah is my precious co-Pilot! She and her sister, Sarah, truly have a blessed calling to share the gospel to children as well as to adults. I’m so excited that I can have a small part in this voting. I actually wish I could join them, but, no,it’s now their turn. So, I will be praying for the Lord to send them. God bless you both. I love you with all my heart. And thank you Hannah for allowing me the privilege of voting for you. You are so dear to my heart… Signed with Love as I am In His Image, Mrs. Dona Rogers

  5. sunbeam says:

    Hannah! How exciting!! I’ll be praying for you and Sarah! 🙂 Keep me posted!
    ~Anna Joy
    Psalm 34:5

  6. Rachel Johnson says:

    Just noticed that i know 3 of the people in this picture!! Love those precious little ones, and the others at the Dappen orphanages. Can’t wait to go back and see them!

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Location: Chiapas, Mexico
Name: Hannah E.