Let the Little Children Come

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let the little children come
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Africa was my first mission trip out of the country. It is because of these kids that I have fallen in love with missions. These adorable children showed me what it is like to have faith and the joy of The Lord.

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Name: Sydney P.

10 responses to “Let the Little Children Come”

  1. Carol Kabat says:

    Sydney is 17 y/o and introduces herself with her name and then says, “I am a missionary.” She loves bringing people to Christ. You will lovee her!

  2. Every face a painting unto itself!!

  3. Natalie Hammonds says:

    Please give this sweet girl a chance to go on this mission trip! She’s the happiest and sweetest person I know, and I really want her to have this chance! She will work wonders through her relationship with God! 🙂

  4. Carolyn Hill says:

    How precious Sydney! Its so wonderful you got the opportunity to do this and I hope you get to go again. You have so much love to share with these children, and when you do, are sharing the Love of Jesus with them. Awesome!

  5. bjvoldan says:

    Sydney is a fantastic disciple and child of God. She is cheerful, eager and excited to learn and teach others the Word of Christ. Please enable her to do so!!

  6. Ashton_Glenn says:

    She’s a hero that kid.. saving lives whether across the world, or in her own back yard. She is a missionary in every aspect of her life.

  7. Justin Blue says:

    Awesome!!! Give I have worked with this girl and she is amazing.. She has helped so many people spiritually, me included… Please help this girl.

  8. jaceysymens says:

    Sydney is a wonderful person!!! She is such a joy to be around, and is so sweet and caring. She defiantly deserves this!!

  9. Todd says:

    Sydney is an amazing young lady with a passion to share the love of Christ with others. She would be a blessing to everyone that she has the opportunity to meet. She has had a heart for missions since I met her four years ago.

  10. Junie G says:

    Sydney has had a heart for missions for several years now. She has a desire to serve and build relationships with others. Her willingness to be open to His call sends a message to all she encounters.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda
Name: Sydney P.