Picture Worth a Smile

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picture worth a smile
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I wasn't sure I wanted to be here anymore. The village was dirty and stank. We had just gathered the kids to start the program for the afternoon when a little boy with huge eyes caught my eye. I knelt down and asked if I could take his picture. He agreed, but wouldn't smile...until I turned the camera around to show him his photograph. Suddenly an adorable grin broke out on his face and this dirty little Gypsy boy and I were friends...all because of a simple act of taking a simple picture.

Location: Deva, Romania
Name: Rachel H.

2 responses to “Picture Worth a Smile”

  1. michelle carter says:

    Love this picture.

  2. Jeff Canterbury says:

    Strangers can be friends. There is hope in the future.

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Location: Deva, Romania
Name: Rachel H.