Welcome to My Humble Home

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welcome to my humble home
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Our Compassion sponsored child, Mayra, lives with her Grandmother and Grandfather in this tin/wooden 2 room shanty with 4 more of her cousins, her Great Grandmother and mentally handicapped son. When we arrived she welcomed us 'to her humble home.' She is a spiritual giant whom God's Spirit rests. When asked if she had prayer requests she only would tell us what she was praying for us. I was about to lead in prayer and she then began a prayer that knocked us to our knees. A true prayer warrior.

Location: Sonsonate, El Salvador
Name: David R.

7 responses to “Welcome to My Humble Home”

  1. Sheryll Norrell says:

    What a wonderful way to remind us to be thankful, humble, and giving God glory in all situations.

  2. Paige Baldree says:

    David Robinson from Covenant UMC, SC

  3. Angie Dentler says:

    What a humbling story! Thankful that David is able to share the joy that Compassion gives children, families, and sponsors!

  4. Greg Joens says:

    David, Thanks for your work with the kids in Compassion. Our prayers are with you, the children and parents who are trying to better their lives physically and more importantly spiritually to spread the message of the gospel, compassion for others and the love of Christ. To the Glory of God!

  5. You’re a shining example of the Great Commmission, David.

  6. ada wallace says:

    Convicting story and photo! Thank you David Robinson!

  7. Your story and photo are very moving. It’s amazing the doors that have been opened for you to spread the gospel.

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Location: Sonsonate, El Salvador
Name: David R.