feel the MUD between your TOES


I love the feeling of warm sand running between my toes… MUD, well that’s an entirely different story. One of my favorite parts of the mission trip was participating in the Compassion college student led workcamp. All of the students were seperated into groups and sent to help with diffrent needs among the community. I was assigned to help build a 2 room hut that would house 2 familes, about eleven people. We started by digging a HUGE hole in the ground then walked over a mile to the water well to draw water. Everyone then carried back the jugs of water […]

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Ask Me. Ask me why I love my Temperpedic…or not.


Hello Work Camp! Goodbye toilets, a bed, warm water, a shower, well you get the idea. After driving across Uganda, I finally reached my home for the next 2 weeks: a Compassion project on the outskirts of Uganda where I, and 100 Ugandan college students, would participate in a work camp. The first thing everyone did was set up camp. 15 other girls and I would be sleeping in a large tent with thin mats as beds. I would be sharing one of these twin size mats with my new good friend Miriam. If I thought I knew back pain before […]

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Fruity Rumors


  I assume everyone has heard the rumors of exotic fruit, and how it is much better than those provided by the neighborhood King Soopers. Well truth be told it is true. Never have I had pineapple as good as the ones from the chaotic local market. Probably eating 15+ by myself (no joke.) I was very happy that we bought enough to feed an army. The pile seen in the picture…yes, those were all ours. The easy part: eating them, the hard part: trying to pack them all into 1 truck!

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