Ask Me. Ask me why I love my Temperpedic…or not.


That lovely pink bucket was my shower


The sleeping quarters


The eco friendly clothes dryer

Hello Work Camp! Goodbye toilets, a bed, warm water, a shower, well you get the idea.

After driving across Uganda, I finally reached my home for the next 2 weeks: a Compassion project on the outskirts of Uganda where I, and 100 Ugandan college students, would participate in a work camp. The first thing everyone did was set up camp. 15 other girls and I would be sleeping in a large tent with thin mats as beds. I would be sharing one of these twin size mats with my new good friend Miriam. If I thought I knew back pain before the trip, I certainly knew it after. Never again will I take for granted my queen size bed and feather comforter!

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