Bless The Lord Oh My Soul

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bless the lord oh my soul
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Meet Pastor Junior. Pastor Junior is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. Worshiping with him is simply beautiful. May of 2014 we had the opportunity to put on the first ever Above Every Name conference in Haiti. We were so encouraged by their hungriness to learn more about The Word. We are excited to see what He does for the next conference and how He provides.

Location: Merger, Haiti
Name: Rebekah G.

2 responses to “Bless The Lord Oh My Soul”

  1. Brian Lins Jr says:

    Rebekah has been passionate about serving xand missions ever since I have known her, she is a great and wonderful person.

  2. Tim Sylvester says:

    God’s love is shown in your work.

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Location: Merger, Haiti
Name: Rebekah G.