Blessed to be Stressed

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blessed to be stressed
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"My brothern, count it all joy..." (James 1:2-3) The child sitting next to me that Sunday morning at the orphanage where I took this photo really understood that it is Christ that counts. It is not the joy of possessions or pleasure of an intact family that brings fulfillment, no it is Christ alone. If you’re like me you go on a missions trip planning to serve others; but I have found that I am the one that is blessed. It is the great mystery of Christ; I call it “to blessed to be stressed”. "God, break my heart for the things that break Your heart." Dios los bendiga!

Location: Bogota Colombia
Name: Maxwell S.

7 responses to “Blessed to be Stressed”

  1. breecher1 says:

    Lifting you in prayers Max!

  2. RecknerFamily says:

    Joining you in prayer!

  3. grandy says:

    Hi Max! I voted. I am not sure what exactly I am voting for, but if it helps you, I did it. We lived in Cali, Colombia where one of my sons was born. My grandson went to Cali on a mission trip last year.

    I will be praying for you.

    Andy Darlington

  4. Hawk1776 says:

    Max, Can’t wait to see how the Lord provides for you to go on this mission trip. Because I know He will. God bless you!!!

  5. lynne says:

    Great photo Maxwell. May God be glorified :)!

  6. Bagwells says:

    Awesome, May God Continue to guide your pathways of the future. Hope this counts as a vote! Just got was in junk mail, sorry.
    Good Luck, in another way to spread God’s Love and Work. Love & Prayers The Bagwellls

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Location: Bogota Colombia
Name: Maxwell S.