Bridging the Gap

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bridging the gap
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In Bogota, Colombia, the spoken language is Spanish. The language everyone understands is a smile. On my first afternoon in a foreign country, I was surrounded by these precious children who were all trying to talk to me. I could only understand a word or two, so my Colombian teammate, Sara, willingly helped me out. The children & I had a great bonding time of them teaching me Spanish words, & I teaching them English. One of the best ways to show God's love is to show interest in His people.

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Name: Amanda B.

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  1. Deanna says:

    Great photo

    • nurseonmission says:

      How sweet. God does provide communication through the Holy Spirit as we study and work to do our part.
      Our church in the U.S. offers free ESL (English as a Second Language) which helps not only those wanting to learn English, but also, those teaching to learn Spanish (here). ESL is an excellent tool to reach others for Christ no matter what the language may be.
      Taking classes in Medical Conversational Spanish has also helped me a great deal as a nurse in missions.

  2. That melts my heart and I love all of our journeys no matter what the language is. There is always one goal

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Location: Bogota, Colombia
Name: Amanda B.