Future King of Africa

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future king of africa
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I fell in love with this child the moment I laid eyes on him. I would pray over him. I kept whispering to him, you will be the future King of Africa. God reminded me that these children are his children and he has a grand purpose of each of their lives. Everyday that passes I think of this baby! I am so blessed to be able to sponsor him where I will be able to watch him grow and watch God work in his life!

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Name: Debra G.

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  1. Mammy5117 says:

    Good luck and take good care of these precious children. Show them the love you hold in your heart and the way you share it with everyone.

  2. Patricia VanPelt says:


    Thank you for sharing the wonderful opportunity you had in Africa. What a precious child of God! I know you’re looking forward to another trip. God bless you!

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Location: Kampala, Uganda
Name: Debra G.