Jonathan and Fortuna

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jonathan and fortuna
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Mission trip to Haiti after the earthquake, fell in love with this one. Found out she had a sister. Now me and my wife are in the process of adopting them both.  I have been taking people to Haiti since to help with the orphanage. Pastor Jay and Fortuna Speaker, Author , and Adventure Creator

Location: Haiti
Name: Jay S

15 responses to “Jonathan and Fortuna”

  1. Betsy Stump says:

    A vote for Jay

  2. hudsoncata says:

    I voted too, yay!

  3. Melissa Weeks says:

    Vote for Jay! I dont understand why there are 91 shares and only 65 likes…..

  4. Dinah says:

    You definitely have MY vote, Jay !!!!

  5. Djackson1117 says:

    You have MY vote …. Jay !!!!

  6. Cheri says:

    Now you know you got my vote, can’t wait to meet your girls.

  7. Maureen Schankweiler says:

    Vote for Jay,
    Hi Jay, we hope you bring the girls home soon. God Bless you all and for all you do for Haiti.

  8. marge Carretero says:

    I vote for. JAY HE HAS A heart of gol.for God’s orphans

  9. Seth says:

    I vote for Jay!

  10. lionyb43 says:

    Blessings, bro!

  11. raven says:

    Hi Pastor J- It’s Raven. Well, I hope you guys are doing really good. Life is great here. Mom is still wacky. But, China, she just got a new skate board for her birthday. The babies are crazy and so cute. Well, I hope Whitebread doesn’t fart. see ya soon. bye-bye

  12. Jess Shinn says:

    The Alaska Shinns vote for Jay and Fortuna.

  13. Martica says:

    Dear Lord bring those girls home. Voted.

  14. Cynthia Cohen says:

    Go pastor Jay..

  15. Alec Bennett says:

    I pick jay because he was my youth paster two years ago and has change my life in the greater good trust me he will be the best men you got

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Location: Haiti
Name: Jay S