Respect to Haiti

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respect to haiti
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The kids line up and sing the Haiti national anthem every morning before school.

Location: Camatin,Haiti
Name: Carson L.

9 responses to “Respect to Haiti”

  1. Jan Bible says:

    As a fifteen year old, Carson has a heart for
    missions. He works hard to finance his own trips
    and loves his adopted Haitian sister. He has been traveling to Haiti
    for a couple of years.

  2. SHELBY says:

    Thanks for all Carson does. i voted….yeh

  3. Merry says:

    Carson – God is doing wonders in your life! God’s Blessings to you always!!!
    You have my vote!!


  4. roger says:

    Carson – good luck!!! Roger

  5. Joel O'Brien says:

    Way to go Carson, best wishes. Your photo is very good.

  6. bskolfield says:

    Awesome job Carson!! God is using you in great ways in Haiti and I know your parents are so proud of you!

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Location: Camatin,Haiti
Name: Carson L.