Welcome to MyMissionTrip.com a website committed to sharing stories, resources, and photos of how God is using YOU to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Insurance Consultants International and www.MissionTripInsurance.com created this site with the hopes of building a community for those who love the Lord and spread the Good News because as always it is our mission to Serve those who Serve Him. MyMissionTrip.com is the place to Share Your Outreach!


ICI StaffMission Trip Insurance.com was developed to serve those who serve Him, specifically by caring for the details of ensuring that those called to short and long term missions around the globe are not derailed by lack of insurance coverage.

As a Christian, family owned and operated business, MTI understands the heart of what you do and treats the business as a ministry to ministers. MTI partners with you to fulfill the Great Commission offering 15 years of experience insuring over 100,000 short and long term missionaries.

If we can help you or your church in any way please feel contact us at 1-800-576-2674.