6 Reasons Travel Medical Insurance Makes Sense for International Travelers

1) Your regular health insurance may not cover you in the way you expect. When you travel overseas, your domestic health insurance may not cover what you think it does. In other countries, it’s common for clinics and hospitals to make you pay at the time of service. And, the charges may be higher than…  [Continue Reading]

Christian Fellowship Mission building HOPE in HAITI

MissionTripInsurance.com is a company that provides global insurance for organizations, churches, and missionaries as they travel, but our heart is truly missions! As we pick up the phone each day, we are privileged to talk with missionaries all over the world and to hear how God is using them to build, serve, and grow His kingdom!…  [Continue Reading]

Return to Columbia

In the fall of 2013 MissionTripInsurance.com hosted their annual “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest. Our main goal of the contest is to promote missions and encourage everyone to keep going! We have a heart for missions and missionaries! Our prayer is that a heart is stirred by a photo of a sweet Cambodian girl, or…  [Continue Reading]

Winter Weather Travel Tips

Recently, numerous winter storms have affected travel in the Midwest, Southeast and along the East coast leading to the highest number of flight cancellations in 25 years. In light of this activity, the insurance carriers are currently experiencing increased claims and assistance requests. To help expedite the service process, below are some tips for you…  [Continue Reading]

Year End Blessings

As the year 2013 came to a close, one of the 2012 photo contest winners used her $250 prize money to help bless another missionary! Damaris participated in the 2012 “Captured in HIS Image” photo contest by submitting her photo from a mission trip she took to Peru. The description of her winning photo shows her…  [Continue Reading]

The risk of over-reaction and under-response

Missions is not safe. Never has been. Never will be. So what should you do when the U.S. government tells you not to travel to a place it considers dangerous? Ignore the warning by faith? Listen to wisdom? It’s a quandary that every person who organizes short term mission eventually faces. Does a US State…  [Continue Reading]

Lessons Learned through sacrifice

Yesterday, we learned of the tragic death of Ronnie Smith from Texas, in Benghazi, Libya. Smith was a teacher at an international school and one of the last American’s living in the area. According to news reports, he was out for a jog when an unknown gunman shot and killed him. There are numerous reports…  [Continue Reading]

Mission Excell Announces 2nd Edition of Mission Launch Training

Mission Launch Second Edition Now Available for International Teams! http://www.missiontriptraining.com/training.html

Five short-term missionaries receive financial assistance for future mission trips

During the months of September and October, Insurance Consultants International (ICI) and MissionTripInsurance.com (MTI) hosted their 3rd annual “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest. Missionaries from around the globe submitted their favorite mission trip photo with the hopes of winning money towards their next mission trip. Craig Robinson, CEO and Managing General agent of ICI,…  [Continue Reading]

Are you ready for a Medical Evacuation?

Last week, I found myself dialing Hong Kong more often than I clicked on my television. In the midst of managing a medical evacuation for an unexpected allergic reaction, I was reminded that a few simple preparations can prevent a difficult situation from becoming a traumatic one. Don’t let experience be your tutor when it…  [Continue Reading]