The risk of over-reaction and under-response

Missions is not safe. Never has been. Never will be. So what should you do when the U.S. government tells you not to travel to a place it considers dangerous? Ignore the warning by faith? Listen to wisdom? It’s a quandary that every person who organizes short term mission eventually faces. Does a US State…  [Continue Reading]

Are you ready for a Medical Evacuation?

Last week, I found myself dialing Hong Kong more often than I clicked on my television. In the midst of managing a medical evacuation for an unexpected allergic reaction, I was reminded that a few simple preparations can prevent a difficult situation from becoming a traumatic one. Don’t let experience be your tutor when it…  [Continue Reading]

STM Toolbox releases mobile app for short term mission

STM Toolbox releases new mobile application. This one-of-a-kind resource combines missions news from around the world with a constant feed of tips and insight into planning effective short term mission. App designers have partnered with well-known newsletters Brigada and Missions Catalyst to bring you timely mission resources conveniently on your mobile devise. STM Toolbox adds…  [Continue Reading]