Five short-term missionaries receive financial assistance for future mission trips

During the months of September and October, Insurance Consultants International (ICI) and (MTI) hosted their 3rd annual “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest. Missionaries from around the globe submitted their favorite mission trip photo with the hopes of winning money towards their next mission trip.

Craig Robinson, CEO and Managing General agent of ICI, proclaimed  , “This is our unique way of giving back to the mission community and ultimately promoting missions!” The social media friendly photo contest accepted 127 mission trip photos this year and each one had an accompanying description to tell the “story” of the subject of the photo. “Each photo beautifully captured the image of Christ and we believe that each contestant was uplifted in a special way, even if they didn’t win. This really sums up the heart of our business… to encourage missions and to ‘Serve those who Serve Him!’”, stated Robinson.

Participants were encouraged to share their photo posted on with friends and family and utilize social media to promote their pictures for two weeks during the open voting period. After many tweets, status updates, and pins, five photos rose to the top of the leader board. Winners were announced on October 16th.

The first place winning photo “Serene Smiles”, submitted by Rhozzel Defante, received over 7,000 votes. The other winners were “Overcomers” , submitted by Andrea Mills, in 2nd place, followed by “FAITH” , submitted by Richard Shoemaker, in 3rd place, “Over the Years” , submitted by Cam Brown, in 4th place, and “You are FAITHFUL” , submitted by Samantha Lee, in 5th place. The winners will receive $750, $500, $250, $150, and $100 respectively, to be used towards their next mission trip in 2014.

Brown, the fourth place winner, wrote, “We are encouraged!  Thank you for everything…all you do to advance God’s Kingdom and share His love with others.”  Shoemaker, the third place winner, exclaimed, “It was a joy to be a part of the photo contest. Thank you all for your work to put this on and support missions through this!”

The main goal of the “Captured in HIS Image” photo contest is to promote missions and encourage future short-term mission trip participation. The website www.MissionTripInsurance.comwas developed to serve those who serve Him, specifically by caring for the details of ensuring that those called to short and long term missions around the globe are not derailed by lack of insurance coverage.

As a Christian, family owned and operated business, MTI understands the heart of missionaries and treats the business as a ministry to those who are serving on the field.  They offer over 15 years of experience, insuring over 100,000 short and long term missionaries worldwide.  For further information on MTI visit .

Kristen ButlerAbout Kristen Butler

Kristen Butler is the Vice President of Client Relations & Marketing for Insurance Consultants International, a Christian organization specializing in international health & life insurance for missionaries and expatriates. She may be reached at 1-800-576-2674 or 1-719-573-9080.

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