The Myths of Travel Insurance

There are many misconceptions about travel insurance including what it does, how it can help and why it’s important to invest in it. Our mission is to clear up the misconceptions and answer YOUR questions about travel insurance, so we’re sharing the top 5 myths (and the truths) about travel insurance that can help you make an informed decision.

  1. Myth:“My plane is delayed, I have to get a hotel room and now I’m out additional money.” Truth: Our travel insurance plans provide coverage if your plane is delayed – including reimbursement for hotel stays and meals. Under the Travel Delay Benefit, you will be reimbursed (up to the plan limit), for additional reasonable meal, accommodation and local transportation expenses if you are delayed beyond a minimum required time for a covered reason such as delay of a common carrier.
  2. Myth:“My homeowner’s insurance will take care of me if I lose any valuables while traveling.”Truth: Your homeowner’s policy may only cover a small portion of your total loss. Travel insurance can fill in those gaps! You’ve been told to leave your valuables at home, but sometimes an expensive camera or formal suit taken on the trip is lost or stolen. Your homeowner’s policy may not cover the entire loss.
  3. Myth: “I am nervous about a terrorist attack happening while I’m on vacation, but there is nothing I can do about it.”Truth: Unfortunately, terrorist incidents have become party of our reality. If your trip is affected by an unforeseen terrorist incident, we have plans available to minimize your financial loss.
  4. Myth:“If I get sick while overseas, I’ll use my health insurance to pay the bills.”Truth: Many health insurance plans offer little or no coverage for on-trip medical bills. We provides coverage for your on-trip medical expenses. Our plans also provide coverage for medical transportation costs if you must be medically evacuated for appropriate care.
  5. Myth: “I can trust my airline and travel provider – nothing can go wrong.”Truth: It’s possible that your airline or travel supplier could go bankrupt or cease operations. It is true that other airlines or travel suppliers will try to find space for you, but it usually comes at a cost. Our plans cover supplier Bankruptcy or Default.

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Mark SneedAbout Mark Sneed

Mark Sneed is the Vice President of Insurance Consultants International, a Christian organization specializing in international health & life insurance for missionaries and expatriates. He may be reached at 1-800-576-2674 or 1-719-573-9080.

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