Why we host the “Captured In HIS Image” Photo Contest

Maria: Wow…these pictures stir many feelings!!!

Karen: A riveting picture. Blessings on you as you serve your God and his children!

Rita: Wow…love those faces!

Jake: Just think, if everyone who liked your photo gave you $1, you would have more money than the amount you would receive for people liking this…in case you lose!

Kimberly: If there was a “Love” button, I would have hit it several times for this! My love to you all!

Nzivo: She just discovered… I am beautifully and wonderfully created…in His image!

Jamie: These photos touch your heart right to the core. Love them…


These are just a few of the Facebook comments that were left on some of the amazing photos that were entered in our previous “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest  … these comments sum up WHY we host this contest!! Check out past photos on www.mymissiontrip.com  or view them on our Facebook album here.

As our third annual “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest is quickly approaching, it’s always fun to look back at the photos that were submitted in the previous contests and re-read the comments, the support, and the encouragement each person who entered received! We believe that each contestant was uplifted in a special way even if they didn’t win. This really sums up the heart of our business… to encourage missions and to serve those who serve Him!

Over the last 2 years we have collected over 200 images and have never been so moved that EACH and EVERY picture has captured “HIS face and HIS love!” It’s been amazing to see missionaries of all ages all over the world through these images and really show how God is working through so many people to show “HIS love and spread HIS gospel”!

Our main goal of the contest is to promote missions and encourage everyone to keep going! We have a heart for missions and missionaries! Our prayer is that a heart is stirred by a photo of a sweet Cambodian girl, or an older missionary getting their hands dirty to help feed the hungry, or the joy of a homeless man who just heard the gospel; and that person will say, “YES LORD SEND ME!!!” That would be such a sweet result of the photo contest!!

Captured In HIS Image 2012 1st place winner

“Captured In HIS Image” 2012 1st place winner

Our favorite part of hosting this contest is seeing “HIS Image in ACTION!” We have helped send 5 of our winners back to the mission field already! One of our favorite stories was Devin’s. Last year she submitted a photo of Charlie for the contest and won first place. Then this year she went back to the Dominican Republic and presented him with a framed copy of the photo! See her story and our other winners here.


This year we will be accepting photo submissions September 16 – 30 at www.mymissiontrip.com. Everyone is invited to submit your favorite missions photo and voting will begin on October 1, 2013.

We definitely encourage everyone to go to www.mymissiontrip.com on Oct 1st and see all of the amazing images! Our favorite aspect of the contest is that each picture will have a description listed that tells the story of the photo.  This is yet another way in which the heart of the contestant can really be seen.  If you so happen to find a picture that moves you, then VOTE for the picture so it has a better chance of winning and sending that contestant out again.

www.mymissiontrip.com is a website provided by www.missiontripinsurance.com. It is a website committed to sharing stories, resources, and photos of how God is using YOU to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. www.missiontripinsurance.com uses the “Captured In HIS Image” Photo Contest to give back to the mission field and help promote missions.

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Insurance Consultants International and MissionTripInsurance.com have created the website MyMissionTrip.com. It is a website committed to sharing stories, resources, and photos of how God is using YOU to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
ICI has created this site with the hopes of building a community for those who love the Lord and spread the Good News because as always it is our mission to..."Serve those who Serve Him."

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