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www.missiontripinsurance.com hosts an annual photo contest giving missionaries an opportunity to win money towards their next mission trip. Every year we give $750 to the first place winner, $500 to the second place winner, and $250 to the third place winner to help them go back on the mission field. See where on the mission field God sent our past winners…

2013 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest Winners



1st Place Winner | 7923 Votes
Shared By: Rhozzel| Location: Cambodia

Description of Photo:

These children always showed me their serene peaceful smiles as whenever I come and visit to their house. It brought joy to my heart. Those serene smiles are their way of communication to me.  – Rhozzel






2nd Place Winner | 6755 Votes
Shared By: Andrea| Location: Uganda


Description of Photo:

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet these precious children in Mbale, Uganda this past year. All of these children you see in this photo are a victim to hydrocephalus and spina bifida. Several of them are paralyzed from the waist down and are unable to care for themselves or get around on their own. CURE hospital along with Miriam, the school director and staff are working to restore not only everyday life skills but restoring hope in these children that there is a Savior, named Jesus who loves them just the way they are!  Name of school- “Overcomer’s” Thank you in advance on behalf of these children! – Andrea





3rd  Place Winner | 3307 Votes
Shared By: Richard | Location: Nigeria

Description of Photo:

It takes FAITH to remain steadfast when both your parents are martyred for their FAITH in the Lord. This is Faith, she now lives at the Stephen’s Centre in Nigeria. She is surrounded by nearly 300 brothers and sisters who have witnessed the same thing happen to their parents. Her smile and joy in the Lord is contagious to everyone around her and she has become a beacon of hope to the many other young people at the Stephen’s Centre. “We live by FAITH, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 – Richard


Where did God send Richard in 2014?

Richard went  back to Columbia in June 2014!

Richard in Columbia“Colombia, is not the country of 10 years ago but, still a country very in need of the gospel. It was last year that God first gave me a burden for the people of Colombia. A year ago I traveled down nearly to the equator to serve with a team of 9 young people. However, the story does not start there but 10 years ago when I went on my first missions trip and again a few years after that on my first mission trip overseas. God began to awaken a passion for short term missions in my heart that has yet to be quenched. 

During our time in Colombia God allowed us to interact with and share the gospel with nearly 1,500 students in Christian schools and another 40 in an orphanage and cancer foundation. Though we came armed with crafts, games, stories, and candy unless we could point each and everyone to Christ and the gospel it would have been useless. While listening to one mom share how she was at the cancer foundation with her 2 year old daughter who had cancer I was brought to my knees by the Lord. I realized I had very little compassion for those hurting much less for the lost. Sure, I loved the gospel and prayed for the lost, I had been to 8 different countries, some as many as 4 times on missions trips, I was involved in local ministry in my city and church. But this was not the first time she had been to the cancer foundation. Just a year prior she had been there with her 4 year old son who passed away due to cancer. I was humbled to share the love and gospel of Christ with her and the others there. I have a renewed compassion for those hurting and it has only flamed the fires of passion for the gospel in my heart even more. No matter how “grand”we may think our circumstances or stories are God will use them for His glory no matter what. 

If it was not for the support of Mission Trip Insurance and the photo contest I would not have been able to return to Colombia this year for a 2nd time. May God be with each of you as you GO and proclaim the love and gospel of Christ. ”  – Richard, 3rd place winner of the 2013 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest




4th Place Winner | 3141 Votes
Shared By: Cam | Location: Haiti

Description of Photo:

During our second visit (2011) with our sponsored child Israel, we presented him with a photo book telling our story of how he captured my heart with his eyes in 1998. Israel was all smiles when he saw the photo of himself at the age of 4. The book’s cover is the photo of us meeting for the first time in 2008. Because of the great love we have experienced through sponsoring Israel, we began sponsoring Lovely (age 4) who is looking on. We hope to visit her again with her story.  – Cam







5th Place Winner | 2168 Votes
Shared By: Samantha | Location: St. Telmo, Mexico

Description of Photo:

I’m continually reminded that His presence is never to be limited. This young boy amongst others are the next generation of men and women who are going to be kingdom fighters. He is faithful and He hasn’t forgotten the children of Mexico in His plans. God is raising up a army all around the world and I was so blessed to have witnessed it. – Samantha







2012 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest Winners


2012 1st Place Winner1st Place Winner | 1943 Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Devin | Location: Dominican Republic

Description of Photo:

Charlie’s contagious smile proved to be a ray of sunshine for the people of his impoverished village, as well as our mission team!  – Devin


Where did God send Devin in 2013?

Devin went  back to the Dominican Republic in June 2013!

Captured In HIS Image 2012 1st place winner


Just got back from my mission trip to the Dominican Republic and just wanted to give y’all the biggest thank you for having that awesome photo contest! Winning that money allowed me to glorify God in so many ways!

One of my favorite things I did on the trip was meet up with Charlie (the little boy from the photo that won) and give him a framed copy of the picture! The joy on his face when he saw his picture is priceless! Thank you again!

-Devin, 1st place winner of the “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest



2012 2nd Place Winner2nd Place Winner | 1552 Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Emily | Location: Darien Jungle, Panama

Description of Photo:

This is my friend Abbie. While in Panama, we lived in a jungle tribe building relationships with people and serving them. All week this little girl, Emily, became Abbie’s best friend because her mom we busy working to try to support her family and her dad had left them. When the end of the week came, Abbie was doing her best to hold back tears as she told little Emily goodbye.  – Emily

Where did God send Emily in 2012?
Emily went to Haiti to provide eye care!

emily mission photoThank you so so much for supporting me. I love that as an insurance company you do this contest to support the very people who have used  your insurance to go out on the field. I know it’s a huge blessing! 

Haiti was great. Although I was in a completely different area of the country than the last time I was there, I loved it just as much. The people are absolutely beautiful and so kind. My team and I saw over 700 Haitians for eye care. Many of these walked away with a pair of glasses that would help them see well, allow them to get a job, do every day things better, and to see the world clearly! As the photographer I was able to step back from the eye exams, the charts, the glasses, and the long lines to see everything with my lens. I was able to capture the faces of people as they tried on the glasses for the first time but I was also able to step outside and see the life in the communities we served. I was also able to work alongside the guys on our team one day at the site of our clinic. The guys worked to renovate the building so that in a few months the building will be able to be used as our permanent clinic. 

This is a little girl who came to the clinic with her parents. She played with my hair and thought that it was fun to pull it out one hair at a time…I had to quickly grab a translator to tell her that it hurt. =]

– Emily, 2nd Place winner of the 2012 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest

2012 3rd Place winner3rd Place Winner | 1318 Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Damaris | Location: Peru

Description of Photo:

In Peru, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with children from the streets, as well as children in schools and in orphanages. This beautiful girl thought, I was a famous person when she saw me ans wanted to talk to me. I told her about Jesus, the most famous person in the entire world. Now she’s famous too because she’s a princess of heaven, and a child of God.  – Damaris

Where did God send Damaris in 2012?
Damaris gifted her $250 to help Bianca go to Mexico!

3rd place 2012 Winner

This photo was taken in a small christian church from Galanesti (a small village from Romania).Damaris is in the front, with red scarf on her head. She had the opportunity to serve the Lord with the worship in the church and helping people from the village.


I had such an enjoyable experience by participating on the photo contest. I won the third place in 2012. When I enrolled in, I didn’t believe that I will win but I trusted God and I knew that a miracle was going to

happen. I was planning to go to Africa last summer but God changed my plans and I ended up in Romania for three months. I didn’t use the $250 for Romania because God put in my heart to donate the money. I was praying and asking God to tell me about a missionary who really needs the money for serving the Lord. I also sent a message to all of my friends from previous missions and one of the leaders told me about a missionary who was praying to God for money to go to Baja, Mexico. When he told me about her, I decided to donate the $250 for her mission trip. I am thankful for the MissionTripInsurance.com for making this happen.

– Damaris, 3rd place winner of the 2012 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest



2012 4th Place winner 4th Place Winner | 1125Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Tiana | Location: The village of Kazo, Kampala Uganda

Description of Photo:

These orphaned children live in the village of Kazo affirmed the calling God has for my life; to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.   – Tiana





2011 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest Winners


2011 1st Place Winner

1st Place Winner | 2795 Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Angelica | Location: Uganda, Africa

Description of Photo:

During my 11 weeks in the little village of Busia, Uganda the people quickly went from being my “mission” to being my friends and family . – Angelica


Where did God send Angelica in 2012?
Angelica went back to Uganda to teach English!


Angelica in Uganda

With the help of Mission Trip Insurance, this summer I was able to return to the small village of Busia, Uganda.  In Busia I taught English at a primary school for the second summer in a row. Being able to teach the samestudents I poured into last summer was invaluable to my relationships.  Strengthening those bonds gave me so many opportunities to continue showing the gospel. The second part of my summer I was able to live and work in an orphanage for children with disabilities.  This grew and challenged me in so many new ways! Living in Uganda again gave me a global and multi-cultural perspective of the inequalities in our world. My experiences there left me with a conviction to close in those disparities, particularly the educational gap.  I deeply desire to see the youth of all nations shatter the constraints of any stereotype or obstacle set upon them by society. I am so thankful that the Lord brought me back to my friends and family in Uganda. They once again displayed for me a beautiful and pure example of undying reliance, complete faith, and genuine appreciation for the Lord. I am so grateful that winning last year’s photo contest gave me another amazing opportunity to speak the name of Jesus in East Africa. http://ekisa.org/

– Angelica, 1st place Winner 2011 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest



2011 2nd place winner2nd Place Winner | 2337 Facebook Likes/Votes
Shared By: Amanda | Location: Kenya, Africa

Description of Photo:

Paul was the most energetic and loving kid I have ever met, even though he is an orphan. He changed how I ove others.

– Amanda

Where did God send Amanda in 2012?
Amanda went on a mission trip with Christian Student Fellowship to Panama City Beach!

Amanda mission trip photoThanks to the “Captured in HIS image” photo contest, I was able to go on a mission’s trip to Panama City Beach during my spring break in April. I didn’t think I would be able to attend the trip due to the cost; however, God used this photo contest to provide a way for me to go. The main purpose of the trip was to evangelize on the beaches in Panama City to the thousands of people who were there. Each morning we had a free pancake breakfast that provided an area for us to meet students and reach out to them and share the love of Jesus. Then each evening we would offer free van rides, which also was another great way to connect with the students that were there. God used this trip in HUGE ways; He especially used it to stretch me spiritually. I saw the brokenness of the world in a totally different way and I was delighted to see God working in the hearts of the people we encountered. Many people came to know Jesus as their savior through this trip. It was an amazing God centered experience that will continue to affect me for the rest of my life. God is so good!

– Amanda,2nd place Winner 2011 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest

2011 3rd place winner3rd Place Winner | 1621 Facebook Likes
Shared By: Anita | Location: Hogar Padre Vito Guarato, El Salvador

Description of Photo:

While we were at an orphanage for mentally disabled children, this sweet boy wanted to check his own reflexes! He loved the bubbles too! – Anita


Where did God send Anita in 2012?
Anita went to Nicaragua with Christian Medical Association!

Anita mission Trip photoLast Spring Break the Christian Medical Association at my school went on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua. We were there with a team of 101 people that consisted of 5 doctors, 4 pharmacists and students. There were 3 different clinic sites set up at local churches in Managua and Diriamba. We also had a vision clinic set up for people who needed glasses. In 5 days of clinic we were able to help 1,302 patients!! All of the medications, prenatal and children’s vitamins, glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste were given away for FREE! The Mission Trip Insurance photo contest was a great blessing and helped us to meet the financial need of this trip. We were able to touch the lives of people who are in dire need, not only physically, but also spiritually through the love of Jesus Christ! It was an incredible experience and an honor for us to serve the wonderful people of Nicaragua! Thank you for helping make all of that possible!

– Anita, 3rd place Winner 2011 “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest

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