How to Vote

This year our “Captured in HIS Image” Photo contest will be a little different when it comes to voting. Here are the rules and “how-to”:

1. Anyone can vote once per photo!

We want everyone to vote for their friends and family, but then also we encourage you to scroll through all of the photos and vote for ones you like! This competition’s main goal is to promote and encourage missions! Each photo is beautiful and has a description that tells the story of someone’s outreach. Encourage fellow missionaries by voting for their picture as well!

2. In order to vote, you must create a log-in!

In order to monitor voting and cut out fraud, this year we are requiring every voter to create a log-in. You will be asked to create a Username and a Password, and give your name and email. We promise to NEVER sell your information! By creating a log-in you will be able to vote for a photo once.


Voting “How- To”:

To vote for a photo in our “Captured in HIS Image” Photo Contest, you will need to find the photo in our contest gallery.

PhotoContest Gallery











Click the orange “VOTE NOW” Button and you will see a dialogue box pop up, if you are not already logged in.






Click the orange “CREATE ACCOUNT” button to create a log-in, or sign in with your log-in credentials. When you first create a log-in you will see this box. Please fill in the appropriate information and remember your username and password.











Once you are logged in you will be able to go back to the photo and vote by clicking the “VOTE NOW” button. When you have voted successfully you will see the following message:








If you have any questions about voting, please email