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Whether you’re getting ready to go on your very first mission trip or you’re a seasoned missions traveler, we know how important it is to get the details of your trip taken care of. That’s why we have compiled a list of resources from various organizations, websites, and individuals to help you along the way. We hope you’ll find this section helpful as you plan your mission trip.

Are you an organization that would a good missionary resource?? Let us know about you! Email us at info@mymissiontrip.com.



Recommended Missionary Resources:

Mission ExcellMission Excell (www.missiontriptraining.com) – Mission Excell designs user-friendly, cutting-edge training tools that equip leaders to train their teams for a life-changing short-term mission experience.


STM Toolbox STM Toolbox  – Short-Term Missions Toolbox helps to take the challenge out of organizing your mission trip. They provide hundreds of resources relating to short-term missions. They will also help you directly to put together your trip and cover all the details involved.

Missionsbox.org – A ministry of Gospel for Asia. Download FREE books & ebooks to help train your missionaries.


Missionsconnections.netMissionsconnection.net – http://missionsconnection.net/home/



MissionTripTools.com (www.missiontriptools.com) – This web site and products are rooted in the Bible, and shaped by our experience with short term trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, England, Croatia and Haiti.

MissionsResources.com (http://www.missionsresources.com/) – tools for Christian Missions

GroupMissions.com (http://groupmissiontrips.com/resources/) – ree resources to help groups prepare for their trips



Are you looking for an organization to go with ?

Here we have listed a few that we work with directly. These are some wonderful organizations!

Travel Resources:

Passport Information (http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html) – government website with all the information you need to obtain your passport


Are you an organization that would a good missionary resource?? Let us know about you! Email us at info@mymissiontrip.com.

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