Richard-S.-IIIIt takes FAITH to remain steadfast when both your parents are martyred for their FAITH in the Lord. This is Faith, she now lives at the Stephen’s Centre in Nigeria. She is surrounded by nearly 300 brothers and sisters who have witnessed the same thing happen to their parents. Her smile and joy in the Lord is contagious to everyone around her and she has become a beacon of hope to the many other young people at the Stephen’s Centre. “We live by FAITH, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Location: Near Lagos Nigeria
Submitted By: Richard S. III

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  1. Lynne Stoner says

    Precious! Thank you Richard.
    May God continue to use you and your family in a mighty way!

  2. Terry Dopson says

    Richard, you are truly a commentary for the Christian word.

  3. Beautiful photo and thank you for sharing her story.

  4. It’s a wonderful thing you are able to do, and I hope you come back as happy and healthy as you wish.

  5. Beautiful girl and story.

  6. Nathan Terrell says

    that is a great pic… love it.

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