Over the Years

Cam-BDuring our second visit (2011) with our sponsored child Israel, we presented him with a photo book telling our story of how he captured my heart with his eyes in 1998. Israel was all smiles when he saw the photo of himself at the age of 4. The book’s cover is the photo of us meeting for the first time in 2008. Because of the great love we have experienced through sponsoring Israel, we began sponsoring Lovely (age 4) who is looking on. We hope to visit her again with her story.

Location: Haiti
Submitted By: Cam B.

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  1. Dave Rutkowski says


  2. Kathleen Everleth says


  3. Such happiness!

  4. Kathy Riley says

    You and George are such incredible people- an inspiration to us all!

  5. Christine S. says

    Good luck!! I’ll try my best to vote often!

  6. That is a awesome photo but where is George, taking the photo perhaps? We should get together sometime!

  7. Beth Carmichael says

    How awesome. I love! Praying you win .

  8. Donna Larson says

    Cam & George~ you two are incredible folks, Kathy is right on with that. I know God has inspired you to do wonderful things to spread His word and encourage others to reach their full potential through faith.
    ~Best wishes and prayers, Donna

  9. Bob & Betty says

    Praying for you & George
    Love you in our lives

  10. Bob & Betty says

    We love you in our lives: prayers for your missions.

  11. Walter Thorne says

    It is an honor to support such wonderful and caring people

  12. Alberrta Scott says

    God bless you both. You look great in your picture, Cam.

  13. Angela McCasland says

    You are a wonderful person.

  14. Charlotte & Tim Barlow says

    Cam & George,
    You are in our thoughts & prayers and hope all works out for you in your adventure.

  15. I hope you win Can you are an amazing person good luck on this next amazing adventure

  16. Madeleine McWilliams says

    Cam, How awesome to bring such happiness!! What a great inspiration you are for others to spread love through the world. Thank you to you and your husband George! Love, Madeleine

  17. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. I wish all of you had the opportunity to meet our sweet sponsored children and all that Compassion International staff do.

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