Serene Smiles

Rhozzel-DThese children always showed me their serene peaceful smiles as whenever I come and visit to their house. It brought joy to my heart. Those serene smiles are their way of communication to me.

Location: Cambodia
Submitted By: Rhozzel D.

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  1. Dhazzel D. Silvaroli says

    So captivating photo ^_^

  2. What a wonderful picture!

  3. You are a missionary by heart. You shared the Word of God and it is not a job….its a calling. Love their smiles.

  4. Jeremian Park says

    The Good News of Jesus christ for you

  5. Rhozzel Defante says


  6. Beautiful work, beautiful kids, beautiful eyes, beautiful picture!
    May God keep blessing and using you as He desires.

  7. Precious faces and wonderful photo! Keep up the good work Rhozzel! Voted for you everyday with my friends here in Dallas…

  8. Cody Stewart says

    Great Picture for sure! I have posted this on every site I know, and a few have told me they voted too. Happy mission! 😀

  9. i voted for you everyday zel…………God bless you and to your ministry…….

  10. You are God’s great missionary! You are so brave enough to do what God has called you to do and where He wants you to go. We love hearing everything God has been doing to you and your ministry. Keep up the good woeke sister. Praying for you and voting for you everyday. Hope you can come here in Brazil.

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