Terms and Conditions

Insurance Consultants International and MissionTripInsurance.com are willing to host a blog/travel journal for mission groups and missionaries, as long as the “participants” agree to the following “Terms of Use”:

– All Blogs/Journals will be monitored by Insurance Consultants International (ICI) and we have the right to remove posts, comments, and photos that are inappropriate

– ICI will have the deciding say in what is appropriate content to be published on the mymissiontrip.com blogs/journals

– ICI has the right to delete your account and end the usage of the entire blog if the “Terms of Use” are being violated or misused

– No soliciting products or services on the blogs/travel journals; unless it’s a fundraising effort for a mission trip

– ICI will never sell your information and will only occasionally (2-4 times a year) send you communications from our office to inform you of upcoming photo contests, promotions, etc…

– With that, ICI will have the right to use photos and blog entries for promotional materials, without distributing compensation

– You, the participant, have the right to request that your blog/travel journal and account be deleted, therefore making your previous blog posts no longer viewable

– ICI has the right to omit or revise portions of posts and comments, in order to protect the identity of the participants and bloggers… ex. Information that is too personal such as phone numbers, addresses, etc…


– This blog/travel journal is PUBLIC – meaning anyone has access to read it

o You must have the rights to photos you post

o It is the “blogger”/author/participant’s responsibility to get permission from the people in photos and from the people the blog is being written about

– Being that this Blog/travel Journal is PUBLIC, please use your discretion if having a public “missions” blog would be appropriate if your serving in country that doesn’t encourage evangelizing/missions ( such as Burma, China, etc…)