What to Journal About??

What to Journal about for Mission Trips

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Suggestions & Tips for your Travel Journal

MissionTripInsurance.com & Insurance Consultants International has a heart for missions and loves encouraging people who have been called to go out and spread “the Good News” with all the nations!

The travel journal is a great way to keep your friends & family connected with you while you gear up for your trip and while you’re on the mission field.

So what should you journal about? Really, whatever you feel led to share with others about your mission trip! But here are a few suggestions to help you get started!



  • Tell them about you!
  • Share where you will be going and what you will be doing
  • Tell people how they can support you! *Keep in mind not to give away personal information like an address to your home.  Instead, give them your email or the church’s/organization’s address


  • Keep then updated! Let them know that you arrived safely… provide them with daily updates and prayer requests for your trip.
  • God Stories!!!!! What is God doing for others and how’s YOUR faith growing?
  • Try anything new? Tell people about trying a new food, cultural experience and programs!
  • Don’t forget to upload pictures too!


  • Write about anything you weren’t able to during the trip
  • How did God use you?
  • Are you going again?? 🙂

Don’t Forget to take pictures!!  Pick one that’s your favorite to enter into our 3rd annual “Captured in His Image” Photo Contest in Sept. 2013!

FINALLY… Share with others!

  • Have your church put your travel journal link in their bulletin and website to keep your congregation engaged & informed!
  • Share on facebook/twitter/Google + and other social media outlets
  • Send your travel journal link with any fundraising, thank you  letters, and promotions!





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